IQ Radiant Glass™

Condensation Control for Steel Windows

Moisture in building envelope assemblies can cause numerous problems affecting the Indoor Air Quality of a building and the longevity of building components

  • Elevated moisture levels can persist on or inside a window, wall or roof assembly and lead to the growth of microorganisms such as mold and bacteria

  • Mold and bacteria can and do create microbiological volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) 

  • These organisms can also generate toxins that can cause health problems

  • Internal moisture degradation is a leading cause of premature failure of building envelopes

  • Persistent moisture can lead to rot, corrosion and other forms of dangerous and expensive deterioration 

  • Keep relative humidity below 60% (50%, if feasible, to control dust mites)

  • IQ Radiant Glass™ can prevent condensation from ever happening

  • Wide applications for Sky lights, Conservatories and applications for condensation control

  • IQ Radiant Glass Eliminates Internal Condensation On Metal Windows:

  • Read How:

Condensation is Bad for Buildings & Bad for Business
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