IQ Radiant Glass®️ Custom  Steel Winter Garden 

Year Round Thermal Comfort

Thermal Dynamic Steel Winter Garden - Greenhouse:

  • Early January - The Xmas tree is still up

  • It is a cold, bleak wet dark day, yet, an even 72°F inside every part of the room

  • Notice, there are no heating ducts, no base board heaters and no foggy windows and not  one drop of condensation on the glass

  • The entire room is non-thermally broken steel, IQ Radiant Glass with no other heating system

  • This IQ Radiant  Glass and steel room is used for family dining and living; paper napkins and  fresh flowers are on the table,  a child's toy on the floor

  • The conservatory is open  to the kitchen: fresh fruit and vegetables, a casual rustic table with unmatched chairs -  You want to be in that room

  • The room is luxuriously warm, comfortable,  there is no direction to the heat, it is balanced everywhere in the room right to the glass and no cold draft anywhere

  • It is the magic and the thermal comfort of IQ Radiant Glass

Question: "What is on your rooftop?"

Up on the  Roof:  "year round luxury and comfort with a view!"

KDI Steel Greenhouse - IQ Radiant Glass - Year Round Thermal Comfort

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