Interior Energy Panels for Historic Windows

We developed a superior active energy solution for existing historic windows utilizing low profile interior steel frames and thermal dynamic IQ Radiant Glass. The panels bring the thermal performance of historic windows to exceed the standards of new windows.

  • Preserve Antique, Leaded & Art Glass

  • Save Historic Windows

  • Reducing on-site demolition costs

  • Eliminate interior damage removing old windows

  • Upgrading interior heating systems

  • Eliminating interior condensation

  • No need for under-window radiators as each window becomes a heating zone

  • Reduction of heating cost -more comfort at lower temperature

  • Increase building security

  • No impact on exterior appearance 

  • Original building fabric preserved

  • Minimal sight lines on interior window presentation

  • Installation costs reduced

  • Paint colors to match interiors 

  • Strength of steel allows for monumental sizes

  • Operable on interior for cleaning 

  • Inoperable from exterior for security

This window is a prime example of a historic window, with hand blown glass. Certainly, the building would not be the same with a modern replacement window. Unfortunately millions of these types of windows have been destroyed.

Our innovation preserves such windows by leaving the original window intact



The Interior Energy Panel Becomes a Source os Radiant Heat

(Available as single laminated, double or triple glazed)

  • IQ Radiant Glass configured into  minimalist interior steel frames preserving the wood window and historic exterior

  • The steel framed components are obscured by the wooden window components, not impinging on the exterior daylight opening

  • All configurations are custom designed and fabricated

  • Can be side hinged for operation

  • Suitable for monolithic, insulated, blast impact and IQ Radiant Glass

  • Exterior appearances and visual sight lines are unaffected

  • Antique glass and glazing preserved

  • Security, Energy Performance and Sound Attenuation Enhanced

  • IQ Radiant Glass Panel Becomes a Heat Zone

  • Depending on configuration 85-95% of the generated heat is returned to the room

  • Increased security and sound attenuation

Our earliest interior passive energy panel concept saved the original windows of the Old Stables at The Philadelphia Navy Yard, Philadelphia,PA, USA

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