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Offer Superior Performance Over Conventional Steel Windows

Energy Balance is the key to understanding IQ Radiant Glass Window Systems


  • Energy Balance is the means to determine the amount of energy contained within a room or a structure 

  • Heating systems add energy and the results are measured in  temperature

  • For example, if the outside temperature is 4˚F(-15.2˚C) and the desired interior is 70˚F(21.4˚C), heat must be constantly added as a certain amount of heat will be transferred through the floor, walls, ceilings and windows to the outside 

  • The amount of energy added must be balanced to the energy lost though the various building elements

  • The following chart shows the typical losses through the various elements. 

The Ultimate Goal Is To Balance Building Energy Consumption With Onsite  Energy Generation 

IQ Radiant Glass Window Heating Systems, powered by solar or alternative non-fossil fuels,  can significantly reduce the heating losses and wasting of limited valuable energy resources through traditional windows.


We welcome others, who share our conservationist view, that we have an obligation to the thousands of future generations to reduce needless wasting of resources.

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