IQ Radiant Glass®  

Providing thermal comfort with safe radiant heat from the windows while improving building envelope thermal performance


Conventional windows become cold in  winter because heat travels through the glass to the colder outside.


IQ Radiant Glass ® technology changes that by warming  the interior glass with a safe electric current and ingeniously reverses the  heat flow,


When  the temperature of glass exceeds inside air temp by 3-5°F, the  windows become opaque to further heat loss.

Steel Windows + IQ Radiant Glass ®

Innovate with the Benefits of IQ Radiant Glass®️


  •  Scientific testing shows that with activated  IQ Radiant Glass in a triple glazed IGU,  there is  no discernible heat loss through the glass beyond the baseline losses of an inactive unit

  • A radiant heating glass system  is  25-30% more efficient   than conventional fossil fuel forced air heating systems

  • Radiant heating glass transfers heat directly from the warm surface of the glass to the people and objects in the room 

  • The need for baseboard heaters and forced-air heating systems are eliminated from  window openings

  • IQ Radiant Glass heat it totally silent

  • Without the need for under window radiators and vents, 100% of the floor space is available for use

  • There is no  discomfort from  heat convection and cold drafts common to conventional windows and heating systems

  • The system provides even thermal comfort regardless of the size of the glass during the most severe winter conditions

  • Glass condensation is eliminated 

  • People are comfortable even at lower ambient air temperatures, providing  a healthier heat using less fuel

  • Those with allergies  find relief  from air borne particles common to  hot  forced air systems

  • Combined with solar IQ Radiant Glass can achieve NET ZERO

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