IQ Radiant Glass has no affiliation with any of the companies in the Jansen Group which are  subsidiaries of Jansen Holding AG,and 100% owned by Jansen Holding,AG. All Jansen window systems  are custom designs available with IQ Radiant Glass and are manufactured under our specifications by licensed  exclusive independent contract  fabricators , authorized to supply and fabricate from genuine Jansen components. IQ Radiant Glass manufactures and supplies radiant heating glass and supporting control systems and window, sash and door frame systems   using components manufactured by the Jansen Group for distribution to US customers and clients of IQ Radiant Glass. 


Technical Approvals And Classifications:


        Technical Approval  ITB AT-15-3419_2011 Technical Approval fire-resistant doors of JANISOL® 2, JANISOL® 3, JANISOL® C3 and JANISOL® C4 systems as well as set of products for carrying out fire-resistant walls of JANISOL® 2, JANISOL® 3, JANISOL® C3, JANISOL® C3PL, JANISOL® C4 and JANISOL® C4PL systemsAnnex 1 Annex 2


Technical Approval ITB AT-15-2777/2013 Technical Approval doors ECONOMY® 50 (-8),  ECONOMY® 50 (-10) and ECONOMY® 60 as well as set of products for carrying out partitions of ECONOMY® 50 and ECONOMY® 60 systems

        Eurpean technical Approval ETA-13/0015 semistructural glazing VISS SG

        Classification  2012 VISS Fire Dach NP-906.3_A_05_ZM) Fire classification of fire-resistant glazed covering of VISS TV S RE 30/REI 30 system produced by JANSEN A.G

        Klasyfikacja 2012 VISS Fire Fasada 1586_11_R10NP Classification concerning fie-resistant of glazed curtain and infill walls of JANSEN VISS Fire system.

        Economy Janisol Viss Higiene Certificate  Economy Janisol Viss - 2009

        Technical Approval  IBDiM Nr AT-2011-02-2800 acoustic screens

        Technical Approval AT-DPS 2000 - mobile  flood protection system 



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