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Any arched, bent,  bowed steel or bronze window or door project requires maximum precision over all process steps. The process begins with you, your architect or designer. 

Using your basic or detailed design, in digital form sketch or photo, we will evaluate your concept for manufacturing feasibility and budget.

We offer our customers an integral service package that is common  to most  individual project requirements:

  • Feasibility discussion

  • Technical evaluation

  • Costing

  • Concept drawings

  • Final proposal

  • Shop drawings (Pay for Service)

  • Contract & Schedule

  • Manufacturing and delivery



Bending requests

All the major components on a custom steel window or door can be bent and that includes frames, munitions and bars, window sash or door leaf profiles.


Our experts  know how to manufacture sophisticated bend types and complex profiles.

There are a multitude of profiles, insulated and appropriate for residential up through truly monumental sizes. 

Structural steel solutions can be combined with the opening components and all systems can utilize our IQ Radiant Glass heating systems

Present us with your design ideas in photo or sketch and we will recommend the appropriate solution and software tools for you to utilize.

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