Active Energy Solutions For Existing Historic Windows

IQ Radiant Glass has developed a superior active energy solution for existing historic windows. By utilizing low-profile interior steel frames and thermal dynamic IQ Radiant Glass panels, the thermal performance of historic windows exceeds the standards of new windows.

This window is a prime example of a historic window with hand-blown glass. The character of its building would not be the same if it were replaced with a modern window. Unfortunately, millions of these types of windows have been destroyed due to the need for energy and temperature control needs. Our innovation preserves such windows by leaving the original window intact and adding a separate Radiant Glass panel.

The interior energy panel becomes a source of radiant heat (Available as single laminated, double or triple glazed) while minimalist interior steel frame components are obscured by the wooden window components to preserve the historic exterior.

Each configuration is custom designed and fabricated which means IQ Radiant Glass Panels can be used in almost any project to create better efficiency and security without disrupting the history and integrity of the original details.

Original window of the Old Stables at The Philadelphia Navy Yard were able to be saved with IQ Radiant Glass.

Check out more reasons to consider IQ Radiant Glass below:

  • Preserve Antique, Leaded & Art Glass

  • Save Historic Windows

  • Reduce on-site demolition costs

  • Eliminate interior damage when removing old windows

  • Reduce the need to upgrade interior heating systems

  • Eliminate interior condensation

  • Eliminate the need for under-window radiators

  • Reduce heating costs

  • Increase building security

  • No impact on exterior appearance

  • Original building fabric can be preserved

  • Minimal sightlines on interior window presentation

  • Reduce installation costs

  • Match interior paint colors

  • Strength of steel allows for monumental sizes

  • Interior cleaning capabilities

  • Increased sound attenuation

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