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Steel is Always the Preferred Material When there are High Loads & Large Spans

.... And The Steel of Choice Is Jansen Steel

Photo Credits: SCALE

This sports and events building was originally designed in the Bauhaus tradition by self taught Architect Giovanni Panozzo. After 40 years the St. Jakobshalle in Basel, Switzerland was ready for renewal and adaptive reuse.

Architects Berrel Berrel Kräutler and Degelo , project architects, elected to:

  • Relocate the main entrance to create an urban square

  • The adaptation leads the spectators towards the building and through the new entrance portal into the foyer, which is four times larger than original

  • The scale of the the free-standing glass façade of foyer is immense and measures around six-and-a-half metres high.

  • The 120 metres long mullion/transom construction required steel profiles that could carry the load and retain the original design intent.

  • The enormous glass panes are supported by mullions 60 millimetres on the face and 280 millimetres deep, successfully minimizing the profile, respecting the Bauhaus antecedents. Jansen VISS system was selected and used.


  • Steel is always the preferred material when there are high loads and large spans. On this project, load transfer into the base point and is only possible using steel profiles. The Jansen steel profiles were perfectly tailored to combat a particular requirement on this building, namely the expected ceiling deformation due to dead loads,

  • Together with the façade fabricator, Ziltener AG from Aarau, the architects and experts from Jansen came up with project specific reccomendations and solutions.

More Information is available at SCALE Magazine

The Jansen Difference

Jansen is widely regarded as the premier manufacturer of high-end steel window, door, and facade systems. The preferred choice of knowlegable architects, designers, and building professionals, Jansen's products are recognized for their artisan flair, strength, and technical superiority all supported by Jansen's design, testing, manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality,

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