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The Face of the City - We are Jansen

Architects have been realising their visions for more than half of a century with Jansen steel profile systems. Steel provides Jansen with the basis for creative freedom, visionary design and maximum flexibility. No other material makes such light work of bearing such heavy loads.


* Thermally broken - Facades and Windows, Passive House Rated

* Monumental structural characteristics for large unobstructed openings

* Speed of construction

* Robustness and ductility - 3 times stronger than aluminum

* 4 times less conductive to heat and cold than aluminum

* Architectural expression

* Reduced coefficient of expansion

* Narrow sight lines

* Modern and traditional designs

* 100% recyclable material

Jansen has unmatched testing facilities and systems that minimize on-site installation labor costs compared to other steel window systems . Get to know Jansen.

Now part of the Sweets Dodge Construction Network

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