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"The Power of IQ Radiant Heating Glass: Revolutionizing Ventilation for Long-lasting Buildings

Self venting window
IQ Radiant Heating Glass for condensation control

Discover how IQ Radiant Heating Glass enhances natural ventilation strategies for surplus office spaces. During cold periods, its operable glazing panels create a thermal comfort zone, even when open, reducing heat pump workload silently. This glass also eliminates interior condensation and exhausts it naturally.

Energy Efficiency: IQ Radiant Heating Glass reduces reliance on traditional heating systems, cutting energy costs and lowering utility bills.

Improved Comfort: Experience even heat distribution, eliminating temperature variations and ensuring consistent comfort throughout the space.

Condensation Prevention: Prevent moisture-related issues like mold growth with IQ Radiant Heating Glass's ability to maintain glass surface temperature above the dew point.

Design Flexibility: Incorporate IQ Radiant Heating Glass into various architectural designs seamlessly, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

By integrating IQ Radiant Heating Glass with proper ventilation, create a comfortable, healthy indoor environment while extending building material lifespan.

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