Allegany  State Park - New York

 Red House Window Restoration

Analysis of a 90 year old steel casement window: Replacement or Restoration?

 Depot Level Steel Window Restoration

The windows are stunning. The original crafting, precision in process and fitting is early twentieth century industrial art. After painting and glazing this window will be ready for another hundred years of service.

Notice how the steel muntins and bars are lapped into each other and tenoned into the frame!

In our analysis, we were  surprised to learn that the strength and stability of the steel sash were based on the tenons and lap joints and not the  expected to be welded joints. This is  understandable from a historic  evolutionary standpoint. Steel windows were a replacement of wood using new industrial methods and materials. The steel men copied the fabrication and assembly  methods of traditional carpentry joinery.

Conclusion: These steel windows are unique, salvageable and historically important. Secondary strategies to improve thermal performance would be best performed with an easy detachable internal energy panel. 

Good News: The Trustees, Staff, Architects and Parks Service have elected  to restore and preserve the elegant steel windows of  the iconic Red House of the New York Allegany State Park. 


Red House Administration Building

Historic Preservation Project

2018 – 2019

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