Project: Zuiderterras, Antwerp  

IQ Radiant Heating Glass & Thermal Dynamic Steel Window Frames

+ 25 years

Café-Restaurant Zuiderterras, contextually designed to look like a moored ship on the river Scheldt, Architect Bob Van Reeth, (He signs as bOb Van Reeth) , 1991. One of the most important post-war Belgian architects, awarded  the first Flemish Master Architect in 1999.

If you are an architect or designer, a professional in the restaurant or hospitality business, if you design for on-the-water, for cold or humid conditions, high end residential, resort, spa or vacation industry, this project will be of interest.


The challenge was to allow the architect to design big views with big glass in a tough climate and compliment it all with superb thermal comfort for the client and customers. All while eliminating cold drafts and all condensation.


Every customer wants a view seat when the weather is warm and bright. These same seats are much less desirable in cold weather. We have the solution,  tested for 25 years and  significantly saves with energy costs. Your project deserves nothing less.

IQ Radiant heat from IQ Radiant Glass™ Window Systems create balanced, comfortable environments for living. With radiant heat, the room and every object in it becomes a radiator. The temperature of the room and the objects match your body temperature thus eliminating bodily heat loss. You feel more comfortable at a lower temperature, meaning reduced energy usage, better health and lower heating bills. You can also design with more window space while saving more energy. That seems counterintuitive but we will explain how we do it.


In this case the architect bOb Van Reeth made an observation about his 1991 Zuiderterras project: 'During a period of forty years an empty socle stood on this beautiful spot. With my project I refer to what there was before: a classical building that served as a café just as the Zuiderterras now.' The Zuiderterras' name is derived from the promenade with the same name along the 'Schelde' river quays. Transparency of the building was the starting point from bOb Van Reeth. This expresses itself in the choice of the materials: metal and mirrors combined with a lot of IQ Radiant Heating Glass. The building is completely heated with IQ radiant heating glass and it is directly on the water. In the winter, patrons prefer seats near the window, for the comfort!

Choice of  materials: Steel and Mirrors combined with a lot of IQ Radiant Heating Glass

 Where are the radiators? Where is the condensation? There are none. No condensation. No radiators 

No hot blowing air. There is no cold glow from the glass. The IQ Radiant Glass does all the heating. 

What does an amazing breakfast in a fine restaurant, in an architecturally cleverly designed building, next to a huge window with a fantastic river view have to do with IQ Radiant Glass?

Everything, absolutely everything!

At Café-Restaurant Zuiderterras - IQ Radiant  Glass Is the Primary Heat Source

Radiant Heat from glass provides a method to make large glass windows a source of radiant heat instead of a loss of heat. Radiant heat is widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthy, and natural heating process available. Radiant heat works in the same way Mother Nature does in heating us. Add to that the benefits of the absence of UV rays and a system over which you have complete regulation and you have the IQ Radiant Glass Window System. With radiant heat, cold drafts and dry air are eradicated. And since there is no forced-air system, dust, allergens, air contaminants, and bacteria are eliminated as well. With radiant heat, your body will feel warmer even though actual air temperature may be cooler - this translates into decreased energy consumption and energy bills.

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