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Electrically Heated  Glass Solutions USA + High-Performance Steel Windows and Doors


About Our Work

IQ Radiant Heating Glass (Electrically Heated Glass) is a cutting-edge technology that remains relatively undiscovered and underutilized in the architectural and construction industries. This limited recognition stems from the traditional reliance on conventional heating systems, overlooking the unique advantages of IQ Radiant Heating Glass. This innovative solution provides superior thermal comfort by eliminating cold spots and drafts near windows, ensures precise humidity control, and minimizes condensation—critical for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing moisture issues. Additionally, IQ Radiant Heating Glass enhances energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through windows, leading to significant cost savings over time. Architects and engineers should consider this revolutionary technology to create spaces that prioritize comfort, sustainability, and long-term performance.

What is New? The IQ Radiant Glass Arctic Series redefines thermal comfort in architectural glazing, delivering exceptional performance in extreme climates. It withstands severe wind loads and seismic zones, this system offers year-round comfort with advanced heat gain control in summer and radiant warmth in winter. IQRG will expand the performance of your steel or aluminum systems. 

Principals of Electrically Heated Glass
Electrically Heated Glass


Architectural Artistry, Classical & Contemporary available with Electrically Heated Glass


Innovative. Stylish. Striking.


Innovative. Precise. Reliable.

In summary, IQ Radiant Glass significantly enhances steel windows and doors by integrating electrically heated glass, which improves thermal comfort, boosts energy efficiency, controls condensation, provides UV protection, supports custom designs, and enhances overall durability. These benefits create superior and high-performing architectural solutions suitable for residential, commercial, and historical projects.


IQ Radiant Glass achieves these improvements by regulating surface temperatures for optimal comfort, reducing heat loss for better energy efficiency, controlling condensation, offering UV protection, allowing for custom designs, and strengthening durability. This comprehensive approach makes IQ Radiant Glass the ideal choice for sustainable, visually striking, and long-lasting architectural solutions, especially for aluminum and steel windows and doors.

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