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Radiant Heating Glass Solutions + High-Performance Steel Windows and Doors
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About Our Work

IQ Radiant Glass® has the proven glazing  technology, that when combined with  high-performance  steel or aluminum profiles, will provide you windows, doors and façades that will exceed all of your expectations. IQRG bespoke steel systems are simply exceptional. 


Our windows , façades and doors compliment your designs - but what makes them truly special? The answer is  that in cold weather conditions, highly glazed exteriors on commercial and modern residential buildings have a significantly negative impact on the thermal comfort of the occupants. The source of the discomfort is thermal asymmetry. IQ Radiant Glass® disperses the asymmetry in occupied zones.

Steel windows equipped with IQ Radiant Glass® technology become part of the building heating system.  The electrified glass in the windows produces a localized  long-wave radiant heat all under the control of the smart building management system.


Openings that were traditionally sources of thermal discomfort are transformed to on-demand heating zones.

Jansen steel window,  door and façade systems are our choice for heating glass applications. They simply outperform all other steel window systems.



Architectural Artistry, Classical & Contemporary Design

IQ Radiant Heating Glass maximum size


Radiant heating glass is not new nor is it  experimental. The base technology was first widely used in WWII to defrost and de-ice aircraft canopies as well as ship windows at sea.


Through innovation and testing with our partners, IQ Radiant Glass®, produces a proven fifth generation heating glass  that is unmatched in performance,  technological innovation and the World's largest sizing capabilities: Maximum size 3200 mm x 8000mm (10.5 feet x 26.25 feet). See diagram on left for scale.

IQRG heating glass is critical for condensation control and ice melt.  The heating glass is also used as a primary or secondary heat source, In all applications, the glass reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.


An asset to forward-thinking architects, property owners, and design professionals, our heating glass can compliment building electrification projects reducing the burden on heat pumps. Each piece of heating glass becomes a discreet comfort zone under the control of the building management system. 

We welcome collaboration with relevant manufacturing or technology partners.


Innovative. Stylish. Striking.