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Combat Condensation

Thermal Dynamic Glass is ideal for eliminating condensation from the surface of glass in hot and humid conditions. By warming the surface of the glass a degree or two above dew point you balance temperature and keep your windows clean and clear.


Heating elements are usually installed on the exterior of glass in hot and humid climates, but can also be installed on the interior if humidity is generated from within a building (like in swimming pools and spas).

Manage The Elements

Thermal glass can help fight winter elements. It can melt frost, prevent the buildup of ice and snow, and keep your indoors warm and comfortable.

This isn't just a question of cosmetics - limiting the impact of winter weather can improve building integrity, enhance public safety, and save energy costs.

Improve Indoor Comfort

Our windows help maintain room temperature by preventing convection (the feeling of coldness and draftiness you feel when you're close to a traditional glass window).

Convection happens when the air close to glass becomes cooler than the air in the rest of the room. But when glass is heated to just one or two degrees higher than room temperature, it stops convection (and heat loss), allows you to lower your thermostat, and lets you save on energy and heating costs.

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A Picture of Warmth

Our innovative radiant heated glass doesn't just offer lovely views, it also helps heat your space, eliminates condensation, and improves the thermal efficiency of your building.

Conventional windows become cool when it's cold outside due to the nature of heat loss (and because of the second law of thermodynamics). Our technology changes the equation by using the resistive metallic coating on the interior of the IG unit. This warms the glass, and gives you a powerful thermal dynamic window.

The warmth radiated by our windows creates an impactful buffer between the warm air inside a building and the cold weather outside. It prevents thermostat-controlled heat from escaping towards windows - which leads to fewer drafts, increased comfort, and saving on energy and heating costs.

IQ radiant technology use physics to eliminate window sweating, frost, and condensation by raising the interior surface temperature of window glass 3 - 5 °F above a given interior ambient temperature.


Heat flows naturally from warmer bodies to colder bodies; by transforming glass into sources of warmth, we stop the movement of heat towards windows and the weather outside.

A window with radiant glass emanates comfort. The glass surface is uniformly heated with precise control - which means you get an ideal indoor environment, no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Radiant Glass®️ directs safe radiant heat into the room warming occupants and other surfaces

  • The infrared radiates in a crossfire effect

  • The internal metal frame, thermally broken from the exterior, absorbs the heat raising the dew point, eliminating condensation

  • There are no significant losses as the warmed surface of the metal frames further radiates its own heat into the room

  • When relative humidity level is 70% and outside temperatures are extremely low, IQ Radiant Glass™ and metal frames are free of condensation.

  • The window works in a condensation control mode in hot months, and a heating mode when its cold

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