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What We Do

Function: Our Radiant Heating Glass ensures precise temperature control for year-round comfort, eliminating cold spots and creating cozy, relaxing spaces.


Style: Combining beauty and innovation, our customizable designs seamlessly integrate into any architecture, enhancing visual appeal.


Performance: Our Radiant Heating Glass excels in energy efficiency, durability, and safety, surpassing industry standards for long-term reliability and peace of mind.

IQ Radiant Glass Steel Window

Who We Are


Radiant heating glass, a technology originally developed during WWII to defrost aircraft canopies and ship windows, has been significantly advanced by IQ Radiant Glass®. Our commitment to innovation and rigorous testing with partners has culminated in our fifth-generation heating glass, which not only sets new standards in performance and technological innovation but also offers unprecedented size capabilities:

Maximum dimensions of 3200 mm x 8000 mm (10.5 feet x 26.25 feet).


IQ Radiant Glass (IQRG) is pivotal in controlling condensation and melting ice. As an efficient heat source, it reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, proving essential for forward-thinking architects, property owners, and designers, especially in building electrification projects that reduce the load on heat pumps.


Our UL-approved heating glass integrates seamlessly into building management systems, allowing for the creation of discrete comfort zones tailored to individual needs. We actively seek collaboration with manufacturing and technology partners to push the boundaries of this transformative technology further.


At IQ Radiant Glass, we prioritize collaboration with skilled design professionals, including distinguished partners like Jansen Steel Windows and Reynaers high-performance aluminum systems. Our network, rich in expertise, spans product specialists, manufacturers, and artisans with deep insights into the luxury design market. This community is instrumental in developing and producing top-tier steel doors, windows, high-performance aluminum systems, and radiant glass.


Our inventive ethos merges creative insight with production acumen, delivering innovative, efficient, and tailored product development solutions that resonate with our clients’ aspirations and requirements. From our executive leadership to our passionate junior engineers, our team is dedicated to surpassing our partners’ expectations and defining new standards in aesthetics, functionality, and design excellence.

What We Write


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Where We Work

You can find our corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania - but our work spans the globe. Our network of designers and engineers can be found all across America and Europe, and our dedicated team leaders are never far from our current projects.

Our global team works as one unit. We know and trust every designer, vendor, and facility we work with - and we know how to manage quality across every stage of the production continuum.

Who We Help

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  Connect With Our Team  

Ready to bring your vision to life? Get in touch today, and we’ll help you develop a series of bespoke window and door solutions that exemplify sophistication, style, and contemporary design.

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