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Acoustic Alchemy: by Jansen

Jansen: A glass roof for the motorway in Warsaw

Jansen VISS Basic and sound insulation glass, adds an attractive urban design component to the Warsaw cityscape. All 14 lanes at the busiest and also one of the widest sections of the S8 motorway are enclosed in a steel and glass structure. The "Light Roof", is one of the few structures of this type in Europe and the only one in Poland. Architects, Grotte Art and consulting engineers Transprojekt-Warszawa Sp. z o.o., Warsaw

The Light Roof, a visually appropriate lightweight structure manufactured from Jansen profile steel, VISS, customised specifically for this project and glazed with special Pilkinkton bent glass with sound insulation requirements of Rw = 39 dB.

The sound barrier/tunnel is immense, 1200 metres long, with an emergency exit every 200 metres. In order to ensure natural air circulation without a mechanical ventilation system, the Light Roof is open at the top in places: approximately 15% of the surface area is not glazed.

The extensive overhead glazed roof is a Jansen VISS Basic solution customised specifically for this project. This steel profile system, which was designed to allow a wide choice of supports, can provide the tested characteristics of the proven facade system on any supports, because Jansen VISS Basic can be attached to any steel substructure. VISS can also be glazed with a wide variety of options as illustrated with triple glazing as well as the custom laminated Pilkington solution for the "Light Roof" project.

The Jansen VISS HI (60 mm) Curtain Wall version is Passive House Certified .


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