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Adaptive Reuse & Transformation V&D Amsterdam - JANSEN by ODS

The V&D on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, the very first department store in the Netherlands, has been transformed into a new retail and office complex.

The design dating from 1912 (architect François Caron) was radically renovated in the 1930s by the architect Jan Kuijt.

The slender steel curtain walls that were integrated into Caron's Berlagian design needed a facelift after 100 years of loyal service. Jansen Janisol Arte reported for duty, Sir!

Thanks to the Janisol Arte series, they retain their authentic, filigree appearance, while the frames are now insulated and fitted with high-quality double glazing.

Photos: Stefan Muller

Architect: Office Winhov

Execution: J.M. Van Delft & zn. (another website worthy of a look)

Transformation V&D Amsterdam

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