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Stained Glass: Enhance Thermal Performance & Eliminate Interior Condensation

Preserving Stained Glass: Enhancing Thermal Performance and Eliminating Interior Condensation for Architectural Beauty and Function

Eliminate interior condensation on stained glass
Preserving exterior stained glass windows

High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology, Brooklyn, NY.

Windows play a crucial role in a building's functionality by protecting it from the elements. Stained glass windows present a challenge as they are susceptible to damage from rain, wind, and temperature changes, leading to corrosion, structural deformation, and condensation issues. This becomes particularly problematic in damp environments or buildings with inadequate heating systems. For obvious reasons, exterior storm panels are aesthetically unacceptable.

The system is designed to enhance thermal performance and eliminate interior condensation in stained glass windows. The concept involves custom fitting a heating glass interior panel to each individual window interior. The strategy to eliminate interior glass condensation is to use RHG to warm the surface of the glass to just a degree or two above dew point.This panel is operable and can be controlled individually by the building HVAC management system. This system is ideal for occasional use buildings such as schools and houses of worship .

Restored sash

Each panel eliminates internal condensation as well as provides a thermal comfort zone to the interior proximity of the window.

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