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Building Electrification is Built on AI and Heat Pumps and now IQ Radiant ElecHeating Glass Systems

IQRG is sponsoring a soon to be released AIA learning course on Radiant Electric Heating Glass and Building Electrification. There is no sign up bonus, no pay and it will cost you 45 minutes of your time. Do your environmental duty and sign up through our contact page.

AI systems can do all the learning and deploy the heating and cooling assets to the right place at the right time. Heat pumps are the infantry in the war against fossil fuels. IQRG window and facade systems provide perimeter control and are the first line of defense in cold climates. Heat pumps have many moving parts. IQRG Electric Heated Glass has none. It is silent and on guard to increase window R-value as required. Each pane of glass does picket duty to defend its zone against heat escaping and providing thermal comfort when and where needed while lightening the load on the heat pumps. Any questions?

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