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Can your window glazing do this?

IQ Radiant Glass® is an innovative glass technology that enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a building. And when combined with the power of AI and machine learning, buildings that use IQ Radiant Glass® in conjunction with their air source heat pump can experience even greater efficiency and performance.

AI and machine learning can provide real-time data analysis, adjusting the system's performance to optimize heating and cooling while also reducing energy waste. In addition, these advanced technologies allow building managers to remotely monitor and control their heating system, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.

What's more, IQ Radiant Glass® can also help to mitigate issues that air source heat pumps face. In cold temperatures, air source heat pumps can experience problems with icing, which can damage the system. Even though modern heat pumps often have automatic defrosting, their efficiency will still be lower at very cold temperatures, and they will use more electricity during those cold days.

However, by minimizing the exchange of heat between the interior and exterior environment, IQ Radiant Glass® can help to regulate the temperature within a building, reducing the demand for heating and cooling, which can lead to energy savings and less strain on the heat pump system. In summary, with IQ Radiant Glass® and the power of AI and machine learning, buildings can achieve optimal comfort and efficiency, reduce their energy consumption and costs, and minimize their environmental impact.

Heating Glass and Heating Mirrors

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