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Designing AI and Enhancing Building Performance with IQ Radiant Glass®

IQ Radiant Glass® transforms building automation with advanced heating glass technology, optimizing energy management and offering significant health benefits.

By facilitating targeted thermal comfort at lower ambient temperatures, our system allows for the incorporation of natural ventilation through operable vents. This approach not only elevates occupant comfort but also diminishes reliance on heat pumps and air circulators, enhancing facade efficiency and slashing energy waste and carbon emissions.

Our system stands out for its exceptional condensation control capabilities, particularly beneficial in high-humidity environments like natatoriums and spas. Embracing a hybrid HVAC approach, IQ Radiant Glass® melds the benefits of natural ventilation and sophisticated thermal management to foster a healthier, more sustainable building environment.

Intelligent Integration for Optimal Performance

Utilizing tools like Autodesk Revit or ArchiCAD, architects and engineers can integrate IQ Radiant Glass® into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, enabling precise design and optimization of heating glass installations. Advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS) like Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure or Siemens' Desigo can be seamlessly integrated, providing centralized control that enhances building operations and energy efficiency.

Custom programming in Python or Java further tailors our heating glass solutions to meet specific architectural needs, facilitating data-driven optimization and control. Energy modeling software such as EnergyPlus or Carrier HAP enhances the strategic design of our systems, ensuring maximum energy savings and occupant comfort.

Connect with IQ Radiant Glass®

Explore the future of intelligent building management with IQ Radiant Glass®. Contact us to discover how our innovative solutions can elevate your next project in terms of thermal efficiency and condensation control. Dive deeper into the potential of intelligent glass solutions and redefine the standards of sustainable architecture.

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