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IQRG UL-Approved Electrically Heated Glass: Efficient, Noiseless, Space-Saving

IQRG ensures superior thermal comfort for occupants
Electrically Heated Glass
Zuiderterras Cafe-Restaurant with IQ Radiant Glass
Architect Bob Van Reeth, (who usually signs as bOb Van Reeth)

Consider transforming your building into a model of energy efficiency and occupant well-being with IQ Radiant Heating Glass, a quiet and seamless heating solution. Our UL-Approved Electrically Heated Glass introduces advanced radiant heating technology, eliminating the noise and upkeep associated with conventional systems. Ideal for adaptive reuse projects, such as converting office spaces into upscale residential units, our radiant heating glass not only enhances visual appeal but also significantly reduces energy usage.

Enjoy unparalleled comfort with a system that directly warms objects, maintaining a comfortable and uniform temperature without bulky radiators or disruptive fans. Embrace innovation and elevate your spaces with IQ Radiant Heating Glass.

Enhancing Thermal Comfort

Addressing thermal comfort standards typically requires buildings to offer satisfactory thermal conditions to at least 80% of occupants. However, studies show that 43% of occupants express dissatisfaction with thermal conditions, 19% are neutral, and only 38% are content. These surveys, conducted by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) at the University of California, Berkeley, reveal that only 2% of buildings meet the 80% satisfaction benchmark. This indicates a significant shortfall in creating acceptable thermal environments.

The IQRG Advantage

Extensive testing by institutions and clients has validated the performance benefits of IQ Radiant Heating Glass (IQRG). Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which cater to large zone areas, IQRG allows each glass panel to function as an individual zone. Managing these zones within a building management framework equipped with machine learning and occupancy pattern insights enables precise control over heating requirements. This strategy enhances energy efficiency while maintaining or lowering overall interior temperatures.

Superior Comfort and Efficiency

IQRG ensures superior thermal comfort by providing a cozy and consistent indoor environment throughout the building. By leveraging UL-Approved Electrically Heated Glass, buildings can achieve energy savings, enhanced occupant satisfaction, and a visually appealing design.

Elevate your building’s performance and occupant comfort with the innovative technology of IQ Radiant Heating Glass.

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