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Exterior Window Glass Condensation

No, you do not have to accept it and wait for the sun to cook it off

Coastal regions that experience high levels of humidity and frequent rain or fog are more likely to experience exterior window condensation. IQ Radiant Glass: - has the technology that helps maintain the exterior glass temperature higher than the dew point temperature to prevent exterior window condensation.

IQ Radiant Glass®:

  • Uses a transparent conductive resistive coating on the glass to create an electrical output in response to temperature differences between interior and exterior surfaces

  • The output activates a layer on the surface that generates enough heat to keep the exterior glass temperature above dew point temperature to prevent condensation

  • Can maintain a consistent temperature, even when indoor and outdoor temperatures differ greatly

  • Suitable for homes and buildings in areas that experience high humidity levels or cooler temperatures

  • Can be configured to heat outside pane of glass to a higher temperature than the dew point

  • Allows for precise temperature control to maintain a clear view through the windows, even in inclement weather

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