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Glass Floors, Roofs, Decks & Bridges

IQRG Structural Fifth Generation Electric Heating Glass offers Architects and Designers Expansive Design Possibilities

The utility, scale, and dimensions of structural glass are vast, practical, and visually captivating. Glass floors and bridges, when designed correctly, are entirely safe.

To enhance the functionality of structural glass floors, roofs, decks, and bridges, an AI-assisted heating glass system can be integrated into the glass. This innovative technology uses sensors and algorithms to adjust the temperature of the glass surface, providing velvety smooth radiant heat for the thermal comfort of occupants.

Surface heating of the glass eliminates issues such as ice, snow, and interior condensation. Structural glass can be challenging to work with in extreme weather conditions, as it presents opportunities for condensation and reduced thermal comfort for occupants. However, IQRG's electric-heated glass solutions are designed to overcome these challenges by providing both visual and thermal comfort in all weather conditions, including challenging climates.

By integrating AI and IQ radiant heating technology with structural glass, designers can provide occupants with a safe, visually captivating, and thermally comfortable environment. The electrified glass units come with UL approval and impressive sizing capabilities, and can serve as both structural glass and a heating element. In addition, individual glass units can be controlled via the Building Management System to maximize energy efficiency, and heating can be customized to address specific thermal requirements of different spaces. If you're looking to incorporate IQRG heating glass solutions into your building design, please contact us for professional inquiries.

Largest heated glass manufactured
Large size Electric Heated Glass

IQ Radiant Glass® stands out in the market, thanks to our commitment to innovation, rigorous testing, and cutting-edge laser technology. Our fifth-generation electric heated glass is unrivaled in terms of performance, technological innovation, and size capabilities. In fact, our glass boasts the world's largest sizing capabilities, with a maximum size of 3200mm x 8000mm (10.5 feet x 26.25 feet).

It is best to involve us early in the design process.

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