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IQRG Structural Fifth Generation Electric Heating Glass offers Architects and Designers Expansive Design Possibilities

The dimensions, scale and utility of structural glass are broad, practical and visually exciting. Properly designed glass floors and bridges are completely safe. Using IQRG, electrid heated glass, the designer can provide visual and thermal comfort under all year weather conditions in all challenging climates.

IQRG heating glass, by its very nature, is structural glass. A recent project required a configuration of IG units with double laminated as well as a monolithic component for triple glazing and strength. The combination of the five layers of glass were 51 mm thick.

Many luxury homes, hospitality and institutional projects include water interests such as indoor pools, tropical gardens or exterior streams. IQRG heating glass solutions provide thermal comfort, condensation control, ice and snow melt as well as solar heat gain reduction in summer months.

The individual glass units can be individually controlled by the Building Management System to maximize energy efficiency.

Largest heated glass manufactured
Large size Electric Heated Glass

Through innovation, testing and advanced laser technology, IQ Radiant Glass®, produces a proven fifth generation electric heated glass that is unmatched in performance, technological innovation, as well as the World's largest sizing capabilities: Maximum size 3200 mm x 8000mm (10.5 feet x 26.25 feet).

It is best to involve us early in the design process.

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