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Hot Rolled Steel or Cold Rolled Steel Which Makes the Superior Window?

Modern Premium Steel Windows require precision, strength and performance. The design dimensions and profiles must be consistant to guarantee the tested and published specifications and perform as designed. Maintaining aesthetic standards and surface finishes requires cold rolled steel which generally has a superior smooth and shiny surface that is free of rust and scale.

Window thermal performance must be consistent under conditions of heat and extreme cold all while looking good and working well. The profile selection must offer the architect designer the subtle latitude to adjust the window design to conform to the building's character. Cold rolled steel windows require processing with more sophisticated fabrication equipment and techniques. Jansen Steel Windows, Doors and Fasades have the quallities, performance and aesthetic appeal that are the envy of the fenestration industry.

Eye-Catching and arresting, our Jansen products come in a range of profiles, including steel, galvanized steel, and corten steel. The graceful and timeless aesthetic integrates seamlessly with almost any building style - allowing you to explore a vast range of design possibilities while meeting the highest standards of security, durability, and energy efficiency.

Let us get a third opinion: a video produced by Reliance Foundry:

Learn the benefits of each type of steel, and which to pick for your project

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