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IQ Radiant Glass for Roof Glazing

The Jansen Steel VISS and Schueco Aluminum Systems are high-performance solutions that incorporate IQ Radiant Electric Heating Glass, effectively eliminating interior condensation and external ice or snow build-up. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into a building's smart HVAC system, fully automated for optimal performance.

The versatility of IQ Radiant Electric Heating Glass was recently demonstrated in an indoor tropical court project, where high humidity and internal heat were necessary for the growth of tropical plants. Jansen's high-performance steel and glass walls, sliding and pivot doors, and clerestory were all incorporated into the project to isolate the interior atmosphere from the surrounding air-conditioned rooms, and visually integrate the court into the residence. Electric Heating Glass by IQRG made all this possible, providing a functional and visually stunning solution.

VISS Fire Roof Glazing

When it comes to heating glass, the IQRG heating glass is one of the most reliable options available. Additionally, in sloping glazing construction, a welded steel construction is imperative in the event of a fire. The well-designed, high-quality VISS Fire Roof Glazing system, with its wide range of additional components, such as fire-proof anchors, stainless steel clamping sections, etc., is specifically designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

The VISS Fire system has garnered numerous country-specific approvals, with continuous testing adding more to the list. For project-specific requirements, it's vital to contact us early in the concept stage. Our team will be able to assist with testing as required. VISS Fire system profiles are used as support structures, with construction types including post-post-bar-fitting, welding, and/or plug design. Pyramid, couple, gable, and polygon glazing, as well as pent roof glazing, are feasible with the VISS Fire system. Its special technical features include Uf values of up to 1.33 W/m2K, a 50 mm face width, and infill element thicknesses of 21 to 70 mm. Standard profiles are also available ex-stock.

The VISS Fire system is approved for various roof types like pyramids, domes, pitched roofs, gable glazing, single pitch roof glazing, and sloping glazing with an inclination angle ranging from 10° to 75° for indoor areas and from 0° to 75° for outdoor areas. The system also has fire protection classes E30 / EI30, with clamp and mullion-transom connections approved by AbZ Z-14.4-465 and AbZ Z-14.4-467, respectively. Additionally, it has Swiss fire protection approvals.

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