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IQ Radiant Glass - Lincoln Memorial

New Museum in the Undercroft of the Lincoln Memorial

Structural Glazing of IQ Radiant Glass® for Condensation Control and Exceptional Clarity

The Lincoln Memorial Undercroft Project is a significant restoration endeavor that aims to enrich visitors' experience by improving the safety and accessibility of the historical site. This project will cater to over six million annual visitors, providing them with a better understanding of the monument's construction and history.

IQ Radiant Class - Large Glass Sizing Capacities

Attributes of IQ Radiant Glass®

1. IQ Radiant Glass® is a fifth-generation tested heating glass technology that offers unparalleled performance, technological innovation, and the largest size capabilities in the world.

2. The IQRG heating glass is essential for controlling condensation and ice melting while also reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

3. With its discreet comfort zone control and ability to complement building electrification projects, IQ Radiant Glass® is an asset for forward-thinking architects, engineers owners, and design professionals.

IQ Radiant Glass Sizing Capabilities
IQ Radiant Glass Lincoln Memorial Undercroft Museum

IQ Radiant Glass for The Lincoln Memorial
IQ Radiant Glass Maximum Size Dimensions

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