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Jansen Arte 15 & the Cultural Shift in Interior Space Design

Things change. Not many months ago, social distancing was an unknown concept. Now, it is here. We adapt to it, but we do not have to accept the isolation that comes with it. Jansen Arte 15 Interior Systems provide the natural architectural solutions on how people can work together and live together in the age of COVID.

Jansen Arte 15 is a clean, tight, steel and glass architectural remedy to repurpose interior space. The Arte 15 system allows a wide range of glazing options. Of particular interest to us is our time tested heating glass.

IQ Radiant Glass® is a fourth generation heating glass and it adds an additional dimension to Arte 15. The combined system with IQ Radiant Glass® glazed into the Arte 15 system provides secure healthy individual thermal comfort zones where needed and when needed. Internal ambient temperature can be reduced to 65 F with no loss of comfort to the inhabitants.

Jansen steel adds the form and IQ Radiant Glass® provides the function, and function it does. Armed into a Smart Building AI system, the central heating system can be eliminated or dramtically reduced. That maximizes floor space and allows for better location of furnishings as there are no radiators or vents necessary, Also there are no pipes, no fans, no noise, no maintenance, no dust, no allergens, no chill and all while substantially reducing winter heat costs and energy consumption by 25-30%.

Architects and Designers can redefine and reuse historic interiors without tear outs and modifications of original decor. Installation costs are reduced. The system can also negate the need to remove original single glazed windows, a considerable savings.


Arte 15 Applications:

Renovation and new construction, residential, commercial, professional office, educational, health care, corporate, government, adaptive reuse and hospitality.

Arte 15 Assets:

  • Design Freedom

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Stylish in traditional and contemporary settings

  • Steel strong in frame and soul

  • All finishes available

  • Bespoke designs

  • A giant step towards zero carbon status

Available as:

Window-door -projected top-hung window

Materials / Steel /surface finish

  • Bright

  • Strip galvanised steel

Window types / opening types

  • Interior doors, single and double-leaf, with sidelight and toplight

  • Interior fixed glazing


  • Wet glazing or putty

  • Locks and handles for the window doors

  • Floor seals

  • Curved units

  • Glass thicknesses of 6 to 24 mm

  • Max. weight 100 k

Special technical features

  • Basic depth of 50 mm/Very narrow face widths

  • Fixed glazing 25 mm

  • Door leaf 43 mm

  • Door meeting stile design 66 mm

  • Easy to fabricate

  • Door leaf sizes up to 900 x 2400 mm

Test certificates

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