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Let Our Expertise Become Your Expertise - VISS Fire E130 Façade

VISS Fire EI30 Façade

The VISS Fire EI30 curtain wall system dimension capabilities of 2300 mm wide and 4600mm high promotes design freedom. Submit your design concepts and we will help partner the technical support to realize your concept. Contacting us early in the design stage is highly recommend so that our expertise becomes your expertise. Let's talk about your project.

Test certifications

  • Tested in accordance with the EN 1364-1 and EN 1364-2

  • Classified in accordance with 13501-2

  • AbP P-2020/001 fall prevention glazing

  • AbZ Z-14.4-465 clamp connection

  • AbZ Z-14.4-467 post and mullion connection

  • National approvals

Twenty year off-balance sheet financing may be available, depending on location and building type. Energy savings could in part or in whole pay for the Façade and installation costs.

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