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New York City Local Law 97

New York City Local Law 97 is to reduce carbon footprints of buildings larger than 25,000 s/f 40% by the year 2030 and 80% by the year 2050.

NYC has an incredible system of 1,400 plus schools many 90 years and older with antique single glazed operable windows. Most have multiple floors supported by a central hot water steam heating system that runs 24/7 in the winter months. The upper floors can be styfling hot.

IQ Radiant Glass Has a Solution:

Eliminate the Radiators and Create Multiple Discreet Radiant Heating Zones Per Classroom

Due to continuous innovation, the quality and characteristics of IQ Radiant Glass improves constantly.

There are many variables in actual applications but our experience in testing and installation alternatives has averaged 25-35% energy savings over forced air and oil-fired radiator systems.

Our systems creates individual interior radiant heat zones. All zones can be energized by onsite or off site clean electricity. We can completely eliminate hot water and steam radiator under window systems.

Conclusions Based on Testing and Innovation

  • 32 to 38 % less power required with IQ Radiant Glass compared to a traditional double pane unit & radiator to obtain the same resulting temperature of 69.8 ℉ (21 ℃).

  • With traditional double pane units & radiator the air temperature was 71.6 ℉ (22 ℃) in order to obtain a resulting temperature of 69.8 ℉ (21 ℃)

  • The air temperature in the case of IQ Radiant Glass was lower than 69.8 ℉ (21 ℃) as a result of pure radiant heat, resulting in better energy efficiency

  • With IQ Radiant Glass, the average radiant temperature is substantially higher than the air temperature

  • With traditional double pane units & radiator, the air temperature is much higher than the radiant temperature

  • This effect inevitably results in more power required to heat up the air using a traditional radiator

  • Since the radiant air temperature is much higher than the air temperature with IQ Radiant Glass, the air temperature can be lowered whilst remaining the same comfort level for the occupants

  • The surface temperatures were obtained for all the objects

  • The surface temperature of all objects using IQ Radiant Glass was much higher and closer to the resulting temperature than the surface temperature of all objects using a traditional radiator and double pane units

  • This dramatically improves the comfort level

  • The temperature gradient of the glass is significantly smaller with IQ Radiant Glass than with traditional heating systems

  • The IQ Radiant Glass window forms the best ‘cold shield’. The consequence is a more constant air temperature in the room, which increases the comfort sensation

  • Due to the radiant heat effects of IQ Radiant Glass, a lower room temperature can be sufficient to reach the same level of comfort feeling

  • During a normal heating season, IQ Radiant Glass can produce energy savings of 25 %, compared to a convection heating system

  • There is no need to replace existing heritage windows whether they are single or double glazed

  • Windows can be opened for natural air circulation

  • The replacement cost can be less than the the costs of the removal of one original window.

To learn more and view our test results: Contact US

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