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IQ Radiant Glass for Legacy Windows & New York City Local Law 97

New York City Local Law 97 is to reduce carbon footprints of buildings larger than 25,000 s/f 40% by the year 2030 and 80% by the year 2050.

Retrofitting Existing Windows with IQRG Systems Is 50% less than replacing historic windows with aluminum windows

IQ Radiant Heating Glass is specifically designed to address the heating needs of older buildings with antique single glazed operable windows, such as the 1,400 plus schools in NYC. These buildings often rely on a central hot water steam heating system that runs continuously during the winter months. However, this system can result in stifling hot upper floors and uneven heating throughout the building.

IQ Radiant Glass Has a Solution:

Eliminate the Radiators and Create Multiple Discreet Radiant Heating Zones Per Classroom

By installing IQ Radiant Heating Glass, these buildings can benefit from individual interior radiant heat zones, which can be energized by clean electricity from onsite or offsite sources. This eliminates the need for hot water and steam radiator systems, resulting in improved energy efficiency.

In terms of temperature control,

IQ Radiant Heating Glass offers significant advantages over traditional double pane units and radiators. Testing and innovation have shown that IQ Radiant Heating Glass requires 32 to 38% less power compared to traditional systems to achieve the same resulting temperature of 69.8 ℉ (21 ℃). Additionally, the air temperature with IQ Radiant Heating Glass is lower than 69.8 ℉ (21 ℃) due to the pure radiant heat, resulting in better energy efficiency.

Furthermore, IQ Radiant Heating Glass provides a more comfortable environment by maintaining a higher average radiant temperature compared to the air temperature. This reduces the power required to heat up the air, as the radiant air temperature is much higher with IQ Radiant Heating Glass. The surface temperatures of all objects using IQ Radiant Heating Glass are also much higher and closer to the resulting temperature, improving comfort levels.

Another advantage of IQ Radiant Heating Glass is its ability to create a more constant air temperature in the room, acting as a "cold shield." This allows for a lower room temperature while still maintaining the same level of comfort for occupants. Additionally, IQ Radiant Heating Glass can produce energy savings of 25% compared to convection heating systems during a normal heating season.

One of the key benefits of IQ Radiant Heating Glass is that it can be installed without the need to replace existing heritage windows, whether they are single or double glazed. This not only saves on replacement costs but also allows for natural air circulation by opening the windows.

In summary, IQ Radiant Heating Glass offers a solution for older buildings with antique single glazed operable windows, providing improved energy efficiency, temperature control, and comfort levels.

How We Do It:

Historic window - wavy glass
IQ Radiant Glass internal Panel

To learn more and view our test results: Contact US

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