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Saving The Terra Cotta Army

Historical Underground, In Situ Artifacts, Archeological Digs, Historic Basements

The ideal temperature for art storage and preservation is dependent on the temperature and humidity control system for your building or residence, In a previous post we discussed the special conditions for high fenestration residential projects. Review Here.

A private or public art collector or a curator of rare documents or artifacts has a duty to the collection. The basic considerations are:


Although experts agree that the ideal temperature for art storage should be set in a range between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Many feel that 70 to 72 F degrees is the ideal temperature for art storage, particularly paintings. This also applies to furniture, delicate papers, fabrics and metals.


When discussing temperature and humidity control system issues, most HVAC professionals and preservationists agree that humidity at 50 percent is ideal paintings. This humidity setting is also satisfactory with most other artistic mediums. However, if the humidity level deviates significantly on the high side, you risk mold and mildew growth. In residential and institutional settings, seasonal condensation control is critical.

A key quality and asset of IQRG heating glass is condensation control on interior glass and metal window frames. Stability and coordination with HVAC systems is vital.


Pollutants can ravage art, other artistic works and documents that are worthy of preservation. Temperature control with IQRG is not dependent on moving air. Radiant heat provides thermal comfort and condensation control at lower ambient temperatures.


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