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Steel Pivot Doors + by IQ Radiant Glass

IQRG Ultra High Performance Monumental Sized Pivot Doors on the Jansen Janisol Steel Platform using Electric Heated Glass outperform all expectations

Large pivot doors in winter conditions present challenges in that they underperform traditional swing doors in air infiltration. They also create a large area of air exchange when opened in winter months, much to the discomfort of the occupants. IQ Radiant Glass® has a solution.

To enhance the functionality of IQRG Steel Pivot Doors, an IQRG AI-assisted heating glass system can be integrated into the doors. This innovative technology uses sensors and algorithms to adjust the temperature of the glass surface based on the surrounding environment, ensuring optimal thermal comfort for the occupants. Additionally, AI can be used to monitor and regulate the air exchange when the pivot doors are opened in winter months, reducing discomfort and energy waste. This cutting-edge technology not only provides superior performance and efficiency but also elevates the overall user experience. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about how we can incorporate this technology into your building design.

Monumental size electric heating glass
IQ Radiant Glass Size capabilities

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