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Steel Pivot Doors by IQ Radiant Glass

IQRG Ultra High Performance Monumental Sized Pivot Doors on the Jansen Janisol Steel Platform using Electric Heated Glass outperform all expectations

Large pivot doors in winter conditions present challenges in that they underperform traditional swing doors in air infiltration. They also create a large area of air exchange when opened in winter months, much to the discomfort of the occupants. The large glass surface offers opportunities for condensation and to compensate for the reduced thermal comfort, heating floor grates or hot air washings is. required.

IQRG Steel Pivot Doors differ in that they provide velvety smooth radiant heat from the interior surface of the glass for the thermal comfort of the occupants and interior surfaces. The pivot door is its own heating zone and projects well into the room. This allows for lower ambient interior temperatures and the health benefits of natural ventilation when the door is opened.

These custom doors can be stand alone elements or coordinated with other fixed and operable openings in the building.

The electrified units come with UL approval. The sizing capabilities are extraordinary. Our Pivot system of choice is FritsJurgens and full automation is possible. We welcome professional enquiries.

The doors on this project were stainless steel to be painted black.

Monumental size electric heating glass
IQ Radiant Glass Size capabilities

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