Structural Heating Glass Excellence

Visual Refinement with Unmatched Thermal Performance

Structural glass is a visual delight and is the ultimate application of minimalism. Heating glass is expansive to the design process. How so?

IQRG Heating Glass provides condensation control, ice and snow melt as well as sublime thermal comfort, on demand, when and where needed. Heating Glass takes minimalism to the next level. There is no visual intrusion with Heating Glass. There are no moving parts, no noise and the performance is amazingly efficient, The thermal efficiency of heating glass is provably unmatched.

Structural Heating Glass can be used in walls, floors, bridges and roof elements.

Involve us early in the design process. A simple sketch will do. Tell us about your concept and we will review the possibilities and assist in the details.

Our structural heating glass can accommodate all bespoke shapes. We can offer sizes up to 8000 x 3200 mm.

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