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Structural Electric Heating Glass Excellence

Achieve visual refinement with unmatched thermal performance.

IQ Radiant Glass to eliminate condensation
Structural Heating Glass

Structural glass is an excellent option for creating a visually stunning and minimalist design. However, with the addition of IQ Radiant Glass®, the design possibilities become even more expansive.

IQRG Electric Heating Glass provides a range of benefits, including condensation control, ice and snow melting, and on-demand thermal comfort where and when needed. This technology takes minimalism to the next level by eliminating visual intrusions, moving parts, and noise. Additionally, the performance of Electric Heating Glass is highly efficient, with thermal efficiency unmatched by other heating methods.

Structural Electric Heating Glass can be used in a variety of applications, including walls, floors, bridges, and roof elements, making it an incredibly versatile solution for any design project.

Silk Screened heating glass for roofs
Structural Electric Heating Glass or Passive Insulated for Roofs

In terms of structural glass systems, they are increasingly being used as a modern alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete and steel.

Glass offers several advantages such as high transparency, natural light transmission, and thermal insulation properties. When coupled with innovative technologies such as Electric Heating Glass and AI, they can be transformed into highly functional and user-centric systems. Structural glass systems can be designed to be highly customizable and adaptable to the unique needs of the space. For instance, they can be engineered to have variable transparency levels, changeable textures, and even different colors. Additionally, structural IQ Radiant Glass® systems can be designed with specific levels of soundproofing, insulation, fire resistance, and durability, depending on the requirements of the project. The integration of IQ Radiant Glass® and AI technology in structural glass systems represents a key advancement in architecture and engineering.

With the ability to enhance comfort, minimize energy consumption, and reduce maintenance costs, it's no wonder that more and more designers, engineers, and building owners are turning to these technologies as a solution for creating modern, functional, and visually stunning spaces.We highly recommend involving us early in the design process for your project. Even a simple sketch can provide us with valuable insight into your concept, allowing us to review the possibilities and assist in the details.

Our structural electric heating glass is designed to accommodate all bespoke shapes, and we offer sizes up to 8000 x 3200 mm. With our expertise in electric heating glass, we can provide valuable input to help you achieve the desired outcome for your project. By involving us early in the design process, we can help ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Largest size electric heated glass available in USA.
High Performance Electric Heated Glass Size

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