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Swimmer’s Comfort in Indoor Pools

IQRG Electric Heated Glass Steel Skylights & Steel Window / Door Systems

Thermal comfort in indoor swimming pools is flawless when using IQ Radiant Electric Heating Glass. Without IQRG, one has to compromise between maintaining the building, energy consumption and the comfort of the swimmer. IQRG allows lower air temperatures, less energy consumption and uncompromized thermal comfort for the swimmer regardless of outside conditions.

Swimmer’s Comfort

The ideal relative humidity in an indoor pool is about 70 %. When relative humidity is low, it generates a sensation of cold, caused by the fast drying of the skin. When relative humidity is high, it causes an unpleasant suffocating sensa- tion, due to too high temperature and humidity level. During the winter, the double glass panes, even with a room temperature of 82.4 ℉ (28 ℃) in the swimming pool, irradiates an intense ‘cold glow’ that makes the swimmer shiver when they comes out of the water.

IQRG Electric Radiant Heated Glass & Indoor Swimming Pools

Compromises are not necessary with IQRG. The air temperature of the swimming pool may be brought to a lower level at a higher relative humidity level. This is possible regardless of season and outside temperature. Radiant heat generated by the electric heated glass is all that is necessary to warm the interior surfaces of the pool area as well as the swimmer without the need for forced hot air systems.

The Benefits

  • No condensation

  • No mold

  • No odors

  • No ice buildup on exterior glass and frames

  • No need for any other heating systems

  • The health benefits of year round pool usage regardless of extreme winter conditions

  • Operable automated skylights for additional warm weather use

An absolutely superior comfort level is generated by the heating glass and this allows the interior air temperature to be lower. This has a significant impact on reducing energy consumption and costs .

Energy Consumption

If the relative humidity level is high, damping level is low and less energy is required to dry the air. To maintain the same level of thermal comfort, the air temperature can be reduced, even when the relative humidity level is increas- ing. Traditionally the best practice was to adapt the relative humidity level (RHL) in relation to the outside air temperature by means of a dehumidifier:

  • Summer: 70 % RHL

  • Spring and fall: 60 % RHL

  • Winter: 50 % RHL

When using IQRG, the relative humidity level during the winter period can be maintained at 70 %, without generating condensation danger. This level of humidity can therefore be maintained throughout the year. Furthermore, this generates an energy saving of about 30 %, and the thermal comfort is superior. Condensation is avoided, and the cold radiation of the glass is transformed to comfortable radiant heat.

IQRG Electric Heated Glass - Chart
IQRG Radiant Electric Heating Glass - Condensation

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