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Conventional windows become cold in  winter because heat travels through the glass to the colder outside. IQ Radiant Glass ® technology changes that by warming  the interior glass with a safe electric current and ingeniously reverses the  heat flow,  providing thermal comfort to the the occupants as safe radiant heat. (When  the temperature of glass exceeds inside air temp by 3-5°F, the  windows become opaque to further heat loss.) When it comes to thermal performance, IQ Radiant Glass ® Steel Window Systems will outclass every other steel window. When it comes to thermal comfort, it is not even close. Our Windows powered by Solar PV, provide the link to the goal of NET ZERO buildings.

IQ Radiant Glass ® - Solar PV - NET ZERO

Our windows, configured with Radiant Heating Glass and high-performance metal frames  eliminate condensation and associated mold and bacteria.


Applications include:  Windows, Doors, Storefronts, Natatoriums, Orangeries, Greenhouses, Sky lights, Conservatories.

Our windows can also become the primary source of radiant heat .

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