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An Architect Had an Idea, Jansen Completed the Vision

A few pencil strokes and the creative process began. In all enterprise, organization is a major force for making ideas happen. Most art museums have 95% of their works in storage awaiting their time to be displayed. MVRDV’s design allows 99 percent of the building open to the public, The depot collection, which contains 151,000 artifacts, will be fully disclosed and accessible. As in a closed depot, the works of art are stored as efficiently as possible. Artifacts stand wrapped, hanging from a rack, displayed in a cabinet or exhibited in one of the 13 gigantic display cases suspended in the atrium. Prints, drawings and photographs will be stored in enclosed spaces, but visitors can submit requests to view works from these collections. The film and video collection can be viewed in special projection rooms.

MVRDV Architekten opted for the Jansen VISS SG Façade system solution with the RC4 requirements. The 1664 mirrors, which were arranged in 26 rows of 64 mirrors that stretch all the way around the building, were manufactured in China and installed in the building in a VISS SG RC4 façade. What’s more, the seamlessly integrated automatic sliding doors in the entrance areas are a special solution that is based on a Jansen steel profile system.

All of the glazed inner façades have been installed in the Jansen VISS RC3 system with a fire protection requirement of EI60 and equipped with heat-insulated Janisol C4 RC3 fire-proof doors. The VISS façades on the roof structure, which house a restaurant among other things, comply with RC2 burglar protection. Jansen Systems here.

Jansen System VISS -Fifty Years Of Continuous Innovation

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