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Architectural Brilliance and Historical Elegance: The Lyndon at The Philadelphia Curtis Center, A Testament to IQ Radiant Glass and Jansen Steel Excellence

Distinguished as the foremost showcase of the IQ Radiant Glass technology complemented by the esteemed Jansen Steel System, The Lyndon at the Curtis Center emerges as a paragon of architectural ingenuity. Set within the hallowed juncture of 6th and Walnut, amidst the captivating vistas of Washington Square Park and Independence Hall, this revered Philadelphia gem not only enjoys a privileged locale but also embodies a rich tapestry of historical import. Further elevating its allure, IQRG had the honor of collaborating with DAS Architects to craft a penthouse recreation area, adding another layer of prestige to this illustrious landmark. #IQRadiantGlass. #JansenSteel #TheLyndonCurtisCenter #ArchitecturalIngenuity #PhiladelphiaLandmarks #HistoricalArchitecture. #LuxuryPenthouses #DASArchitects

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