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Ballistic Ratings 1.01 - Beyond the Numbers

What Do Impact Rating Levels Mean? This Vintage Video Explains:

Explosion protection

Secure protection against terror and violence

Large-scale glass façades have become an indispensable feature of modern architecture. They protect the building interior from the weather, heat loss and solar irradiation. Unfortunately, however, buildings are increasingly also becoming targets of terrorist attacks, often in the form of suicide bombers wearing explosive vests. Because threats of this kind have to be factored in, windows, doors and façades in highly at-risk buildings – such as government buildings, embassies and consulates, but also police stations and ecclesiastical establishments – also have to be bomb-proofed in addition to being burglar- and bullet-proofed.


DIN EN 13123 and 13124, Part 1 (shock tube test) and Part 2 (range test) define the requirements for bomb-proof windows, doors and façades, which are classified into resistance classes EXR1 to EXR5. In the shock tube test, a pressure wave is generated on a component. The advantage of the range test is that there are no restrictions with regard to the size of the test object, meaning that it can be tested in its actual size.

Strong support structure provides maximum explosion protection

Protecting glass façades from explosions sounds impossible, since the pressure generated in an explosion is many times greater than that produced by conventional wind loading. However, it is in fact possible to protect people inside a building from the effects of an explosion. And the support structure can make a big difference: Heavy-duty steel profile systems are ideal for withstanding the sudden, dynamic loading of an explosion. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience with government buildings and airport terminals, but also banks and places of worship, we are able to design windows, doors, façades and fixed glazing according to individual requirements while also providing the necessary protection. We develop the optimal solution in close consultation with our clients. And, of course, we can guarantee strict confidentiality.


Calculable protection against firearm attack

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