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Eliminating Condensation Using IQRG Electrically Heated Glass

The application of 50-100 Watt/m2 or 4.65-9.28 Watt/ft2 on electric heated glass eliminates interior condensation

Our structural electrically heated glass can accommodate all bespoke shapes. We offer sizes up to 8000 x 3200 mm. High performance steel window systems provided by Jansen

Electric Heated Glass for high humidity application
Condensation control electric heated glass

In high-performance buildings, energy management and moisture control are of equal importance. Condensation occurs in all types of buildings due to poor design, construction or inappropriate use of materials. Once condensation problems such as mold, wood rot, electrical safety issues, and corrosion are established it is very difficult and expensive to rectify. Tighter sealing of buildings and increases in thermal insulation in pursuit of energy efficiency have contributed to incidents of condensation problems.

  • Condensation occurs on windows because the interior temperature of the glass surface is low in winter

  • In the summer, under hot humid conditions with interior air conditioning, condensation can also occur on the exterior

  • Glass is a poor insulator and in legacy buildings, the R value (Resistance to heat flow) of a single glazed window is R-1, double glazed windows approximately R-2.

  • Even with high performance glass, the R values will be considerably less than the R-values of the exterior walls

  • Compared to a typical adjacent wall with an R ranging from 11-20, the window is cold

  • Indoor air passing by the window is cooled and at the dew point, water vapor condenses on the glass

  • R-value of walls typically exceed the R-value of windows by a factor of 5X

  • Air conditioning can also create condensing surfaces

A Radiant Electric Heating Glass System prevents condensation by warming the window surface. It is best complimented with high performance Jansen Steel Window Systems.

Dew point control on electric heated glass
Electric Heated Glass performance chart

IN WINTER CONDITIONS : The chart shows that when the room temperature of a forced air heated system is 20°C and the window surface temperature is 5°C, the relative humidity has to be lower than 30% to avoid condensation. On the other hand, at a lower room temperature, with an electric radiant heated glass system and window surface temperature at 15°C, there will be no condensation even when the relative humidity reaches 70%.

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