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Eliminating Condensation Using IQRG Electrically Heated Glass

Indoor swimming pool ( no condensation
IQ Radiant Glass for Natatoriums

Applying a range of 50-100 Watt/m2 or 4.65-9.28 Watt/ft2 on electric heated glass can effectively eliminate interior condensation. Our structural electrically heated glass is designed to accommodate all bespoke shapes, and we offer sizes of up to 8000 x 3200 mm. This technology can be seamlessly integrated with high-performance steel window systems provided by Jansen, further enhancing the thermal efficiency of the overall system.

Electric Heated Glass for high humidity application
Condensation control electric heated glass

Natatoriums present a particular challenge in condensation control. The ultimate goal is to provide swimmer’s comfort in Indoor pools.

Heating glass is essential in natatoriums as it can help prevent condensation and maintain a comfortable temperature within the space. Natatoriums have high humidity levels, and the temperature can fluctuate frequently. Therefore, without proper heating, the glass surfaces can easily become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

IQ Radiant Glass® is an excellent solution for minimizing and eliminating condensation in natatoriums and other buildings. This heating glass technology is designed to prevent the build-up of moisture on the surface of the glass by providing warmth to the surface. When the surface temperature of the glass is above the dew point, any moisture in the air will not condense on the glass, eliminating the possibility of condensation. Using IQ Radiant Heating Glass for condensation control in natatoriums can be a game-changer, as it helps maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels with minimum energy consumption. This innovative technology not only helps prevent condensation-related problems, such as the growth of mold or mildew, but can also provide significant energy savings by reducing the need for mechanical heating or dehumidification systems. Overall, IQ Radiant Heating Glass is an effective and efficient solution for condensation control in natatoriums and can provide several benefits for the building owners and its occupants.

Wall R-values usually exceed window R-values by a factor of 5X. It's worth noting that air conditioning can also create condensing surfaces.

A Radiant Electric Heating Glass System prevents condensation by warming the window surface. It is best complimented with high performance Jansen Steel Window Systems.

Condensation free natatoriums
IQ Radiant Glass

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