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Facades for Electrification, Powered with IQ Radiant Glass® are Site & Location Specific

Jansen, & High Performance Steel Windows Powered by IQ Radiant Glass®

Steel -VISS

Incorporating the VISS system and IQ Radiant Glass® technology into the design of commercial buildings with highly-glazed facades is a significant advancement in the construction industry.

The VISS system offered by Jansen provides exceptional thermal insulation and is also ideal for use in indoor swimming pools where maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels is crucial for swimmers' comfort. This modular system allows for the best solution in terms of structure and cost to be achieved, making it suitable for any application in the new construction or refurbishment of buildings.

Additionally, natural ventilation solutions are easily integrated into these bespoke systems. The integration of Electrically Heated Glass (EHG) into the glazing of the VISS system enables the exchange area between the environment and the heat source to be across the whole extension of the glazing, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption.

With the use of IQ Radiant Glass, which aids in maintaining comfortable temperatures and reducing energy consumption even further, the temperature of the glazing can be kept near the comfort range. This system under AI monitoring and control, ensures thermal comfort and decreases the Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD) and Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) rapidly.

This innovative approach to construction is especially relevant in many southern and southwestern parts of the United States, where buildings have a lesser heating demand for most of the cold season.

Thanks to the integration of EHG and IQ Radiant Glass® technology, the temperature of the glazing can be kept near the comfort range. This ensures a rapid decrease in Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD) and Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and maximizes thermal comfort. EHG units provide a low radiant asymmetry temperature, which helps maintain comfortable temperatures and leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Implementing these technologies in commercial buildings with highly-glazed facades ensures energy efficiency and a comfortable internal environment for occupants. Every IQ Radiant Glass® project, regardless of location, receives a bespoke solution in the glass formula and takes into account geographic location and site orientation. This results-oriented approach models each wall based on the interior requirements and exterior year-round conditions.

The heat gained or lost through the glazed facade depends on the physical properties of the glass and film selection, including conductivity, absorption, reflection, and transmittance, and environmental conditions. These factors determine the glass surface temperature and the amount of heat transferred between occupants and the building via convection and radiation.

Thermal comfort conditions also depend on the distance between the glass surface and the occupants, the glazing size, occupants' clothing, and activities within the building. By reducing energy consumption and maximizing thermal comfort, these advancements ensure that commercial buildings with highly-glazed facades not only provide hi-tech, modern design, daylighting, and energy savings but also ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient internal environment for occupants.

The growing interest in highly-glazed facades in commercial buildings comes from their innovative design, energy efficiency, and daylighting benefits while dealing with high internal loads due to equipment and occupants. Bring us the facts and IQ Radiant Glass® will bring the solutions.

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