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Getting to Net Zero - IQ Radiant Glass & Solar PV


IQ Radiant Glass®️, powered by solar pv is an elegant method to achieve the goal of Net Zero. We capture energy created in the sun, convert it to electricity, energizing and radically increasing the efficiency of the windows, producing safe radiant heat for the thermal comfort of the occupants.

Expanding the Efficiency of Solar to Reach Net Zero

Onsite solar fields produce all the electricity required to power IQ Radiant Glass®️ windows. Any excess power is used to light the house.

Notice there are no radiators or forced air ducts. The glass in the exterior windows and doors is the sole source for the clean safe radiant heat providing thermal comfort for the owners.

A battery system rounds off the demand cycle and in warm months, the electricity is utilized for cooling. There is no condensation, no cold glow from the windows regardless of the size of the openings. Heating fuels are eliminated and electricity need not be sold back to the utility

company. A perfect solution for off-grid applications.

Our innovation, tested for over 25 years, significantly improves the thermal efficiency of the building

envelope. Any building with a 30% window to wall ratio can use this concept. Internal walls can use mirrors as well. Schools with flat roofs and parking lots are perfect candidates.

High-Performance Thermal Dynamic Windows Powered By BIPV and On-Site Solar PV

IQ Radiant Glass windows, BIPV facades and roofs are other applications that will help buildings achieve net-zero energy.

The photo above shows the time-proven metal standing seam roof enhanced with flexible solar panels.

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