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High-performance Steel Profiles and IQ Radiant Heating glass

"Janisol Arte 66: Ultimate Design and Comfort with Jansen's High-performance Steel Profiles and IQ Radiant Glass® Technology."

Janisol Arte 66 from Jansen has a basic depth of 66 mm that enables the use of stronger glass, with a vent height of up to 2300 mm. This makes it possible to have the turn/tilt opening type, even with the special requirements of listed buildings for narrow frames. With the concealed fittings, they meet architects' and developers' demands for a uniform design and clear lines which do not allow any visual interruption. The Euro grooves make it easier for fabricators to install the fittings, while the new glazing bead system facilitates installation of the panes. Fabrication with push-in gasket or dry glazing takes place in the usual way, as with the Janisol and Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profiles – this ensures a high level of process reliability,

IQ Radiant Glass® is a unique glazing technology that offers many benefits when combined with high-performance steel profiles. It is perfect for windows, doors, and facades of modern residential and commercial buildings. What sets IQ Radiant Glass® apart is its ability to disperse the thermal asymmetry in occupied zones, which significantly impacts the thermal comfort of occupants. This innovative technology is especially useful in cold weather conditions when highly glazed exteriors can create thermal discomfort. When equipped with IQ Radiant Glass® technology, steel windows become a part of the building heating system. The electrified glass produces a localized long-wave radiant heat that is under the control of the smart building management system. This means that traditional thermal discomfort zones can be transformed into on-demand heating zones. The Jansen steel window, door, and facade systems are preferred systems for heating glass applications due to their exceptional performance. With IQ Radiant Glass®, your windows, doors, and facades will exceed all of your expectations, providing exceptional thermal comfort for occupants.

Adding the benefits of AI to IQ Radiant Glass technology can provide even more advantages for building owners and occupants. AI can be integrated into the smart building management system to analyze occupancy patterns and adjust the radiant heat output of the electrified glass in real-time, providing even more precise and efficient heating control. Furthermore, AI can assist in optimizing building performance and energy consumption by analyzing data from sensors and other building systems, identifying patterns and making adjustments to improve overall efficiency. Building managers can also benefit from AI-powered predictive maintenance, alerting them to maintenance needs before they become critical, and reducing downtime and repair costs. By combining the benefits of IQ Radiant Glass® with AI technology, building owners can enjoy even greater thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

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