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We Promised You Art

In a previous post, "A New Epoch in Masterpiece Window Designs", we shared the Jansen vision of refined industrial art in their splendid Janisol Arte 2.0 steel window & door system collection.

Work in process "Last of The Mohicans" IQRG art glass project

We wanted to do something bold in monumental scale using Janisol Arte 2.0 steel and IQ Radiant Glass to demonstrate the formidable performance, strength and beauty of the system. We negotiated the one time reproduction right to the original N.C. Wyeth painting from The Brandywine River Museum of Art

Our goal was to translate this American classic illustration into a panoramic stained glass door transom.

Concept one - corten steel

Concept two - painted galvanized

We commissioned a trusted and talented glass artist studio to:

  • Be true and faithful to the original art and artist

  • The center two panels meet the museum's requirements

  • The dimensions; Center 68" W x 45" H, (1727mm x 1143 mm)

  • The dimensions; Flankers 30" W x 45" H (762 x 1143mm) each

  • Respect the Art using the Jansen Janisol 2.0 Steel System

  • Tell a story

The Last of the Mohicans Illustration - N.C.Wyeth - Brandywine River Museum

The Arte of the Steel - Jansen - 2.0

The art glass will be completed in seven weeks.

To Be Continued............

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