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Indoor Swimming Pools in Winter

Swimmer's Comfort - Condensation Control - Ice & Snow Melt - Energy Savings Using IQRG Electric Heated Glass

Condensation free roof lights and skylights with electric heated glass
IQRG Electric Heating Glass for indoor pools

Your client wants the pleasure and health benefits of year round swimming. They have trusted and selected you for your design and performance competence as an engineer, architect, designer or builder of indoor swimming pools.

We do not have to remind you of the challenges involved with indoor pools. We simply state that we have developed and practiced the use of electric heating glass for::

  • Eliminating ice and snow melt on glass roof lights

  • Providing perfect indoor thermal comfort despite the worst of winter challenges

  • The elimination of indoor condensation on interior glass surfaces

  • IQRG fourth generation electric heated glass allows audacious use of glass and designs while integrating the interior and exterior of the glass to be integrated into the smart building control system, providing sublime comfort and energy savings.

IQRG systems will assist and guide you in the design phase, Our partners at Guardian Glass will recommend glazing to provide for all your year round requirements. We will provide the proven samples for you and your client.

No other provider can supply the quality and sizing capabilities of IQRG Electric Heating Glass. We work with all institutions, commercial applications, governmental agencies and high-end residential professionals.

To begin the process:

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