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Indoor Swimming Pools in Winter

Swimmer's Comfort - Condensation Control - Ice & Snow Melt - Energy Savings Using IQRG Electric Heated Glass

Condensation free roof lights and skylights with electric heated glass
IQRG Electric Heating Glass for indoor pools

As an engineer, architect, designer, or builder of indoor swimming pools, your client has chosen you for your expertise in design and performance. We understand the challenges associated with indoor pools and recognize that our clients require innovative solutions that deliver year-round pleasure and health benefits. To address the issue of swimmers' comfort in indoor swimming pools, it's crucial to maintain a stable relative humidity (R.H.) of around 70%. An R.H. that is too low can cause a rapid drying of the skin, creating a sense of cold, while an R.H. that is too high can create a 'suffocating feeling' linked to high humid heat. Additionally, in winter, double glazing gives off cold radiation, even when the indoor temperature is a warm +28°c (82°f), resulting in wet swimmers leaving the water and shivering from the cold. At IQRG, we have developed and mastered the use of electric heating glass, which eliminates ice and snow melt on glass roof lights, provides perfect indoor thermal comfort in the most challenging winter conditions, and eliminates indoor condensation on interior glass surfaces. Our fifth-generation electric heated glass allows for bold and daring use of glass and designs while integrating the glass interior and exterior into the smart building control system, providing sublime comfort and energy savings.

The basic technology has been know and tested. In 2008, a test conducted at KSU by the International Quality and Research Group (IQRG) studied the effectiveness of different heating systems in a building environment. The study compared the use of radiant glass with forced air using natural gas. The results showed that using radiant glass had numerous benefits, including: - It reduced the interior air movement noise level to zero as radiant heat does not require fans and ductwork to deliver heat. - The radiant delivery system caused no air movement, thus eliminating the transmission mechanism for pollens and air-borne particles. - It reduced heating demand, expressed in BTUs by 44% while doubling the area of thermal comfort. - There was no transmission loss through the ductwork using radiant heated glass. - Condensation, a major cause of mold, did not form on radiant glass. - An ancillary benefit of Radiant Window systems is no condensation forms on the glass. These findings indicate that the use of radiant glass can significantly improve the indoor air quality and reduce the energy demands of a building. This is directly applicable for natatoriums.

During the design phase, IQRG systems will provide guidance and support. Our partners at Guardian Glass will recommend glazing options to meet your year-round requirements, and we will provide proven samples for you and your client. With the largest sizing capabilities in the industry, no other provider can match the quality and sizing capabilities of IQRG Electric Heating Glass. We work with all institutions, commercial applications, governmental agencies, and high-end residential professionals to deliver the best possible solutions for indoor pools.

To begin the process:

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