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Jansen Art 15 Sets the Tone

Photo Credit: Moebltipps

Art 15 is the ideal profile series for stylish steel interior open space dividers and doors with large glazings. Arte 15, armored up with IQ Radiant Glass, will provide immediate on demand individual thermal comfort zones with no dust, no noise and no maintenance. Ambient temperature can be set at 65°F or less to reduce enegy savings by 30%. Arte 15/ IQRG system eliminates the need to change legacy single glazed windows.

All other glazing systems are possible,

Art 15 labor installation costs are radically reduced. The paired system can qualify for 20 year off-balance sheet financing and yes, the labor costs could be included in the financing.

Most US buildings will change use several times during the life of the building.

An area originally designed for offices may be reconfigured for higher or lesser dense occupancy - more or less electronic equipment. An urban school can become apartments or offices - a medical building a restaurant.

The Art 15 system provides social distancing without isolation and has broad applications in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, as well as commercial and hospitality.

Sufferers of allergies, asthma or arthritis will feel the immediate benfits as there is no hot air and no heat stratification. In winter, those on the periphery near the windows will have the same comfort as those in the core.

These steel partitions and doors not only give the interior a sleek and stylish appearance, but also provide comfort with a double gasket seal throughout and a recessed threshold.

Arte 15/ IQRG System Augments Historic Preservation Goals

Preserving a building is often called the ultimate recycling project, yet preservationists commonly fight the stigma that historic buildings are inefficient and require daunting corrective measures to retrofit for energy saving devices and systems. Green and sustainable design has become an increasingly popular issue in both the preservation and new construction industries. Preservation and green goals overlap, and reconciling their differences is possible, provided that both sides strive to be as creative and flexible as possible.

The development of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) by the International Code Council (ICC) is intended to become a new overlay standard to encourage the integration of sustainable design into new construction. The IgCC also provides provisions for existing buildings and existing building sites to incorporate sustainable design practices.This overlay code allows for local jurisdictions to tailor, through adopting electives, suitable options that address local and regional sustainability goals. Green building rating systems continue to grow in importance and prominence and have expanded to include existing buildings over the years. The USGBC's LEED rating system, the Living Future Institute's Living Building Challenge, Green Globes, the International Well Building Institute's WELL Standard, Passive House and Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), or the Sustainable SITES Initiative may all play a role in a project or be required. So be sure to check for the latest requirements to determine how best to implement them to an existing historic building or historic architectural work.


  • New York City architects, owners and contractors, Arte 15/ IQRG system can help solve your New York Local Law 97 dilemma.

  • The Art 15 profile series is currently being tested for fire-resistance. Once this has been completed successfully, there will be a wide variety of fire-resistant façade configurations to choose from in accordance with the new EN 16034 product standard.

Provide us your space plans and we will take it from there to provide design details and costs . Contact us for additional discussions on your needs.

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