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Jansen Automatic Door Systems

Smoke Fire and Emergency Door Solutions
Jansen Steel Automatic Door Systems


In a time of crisis when people need to flee a building and when rescue teams are rushing in to get others out of harm's way, seconds matter, functions matter, and planning matters. Crucial design assessment and mission criteria must be considered:

  • Threat Assessment: Smoke, Fire, Civil Unrest, Urgent Medical Conditions

  • The potential number of people in the building at the same time

  • The length of the rescue routes

  • The probability of panic

  • Choke points


Robust Automatic Doors Made From Jansen Steel Profile Systems

Anti-Finger-Trap Doors Made From Jansen Steel Profile Systems

Barrier Glazing With Jansen Steel Profile Systems

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows in homes or commercial full-glass façades

  • Prevention and elimination of railings

  • Iconic clean simplicity

  • DIN 18008 Part 4, compliant designs for load and impact

Fight or Flight

  • People trying to escape harm and rescuers entering to provide help require applications controlling fire and smoke at doors and partitions

  • Building codes set the requirements and will distinguish the different compliance for rescue and escape

  • Jansen has the assets to address the requirements and provide the solutions

Emergency Exit Doors And Panic Doors

  • Doors on escape routes can be designed in accordance with DIN EN 179 as emergency exit doors, or with DIN EN 1125 for panic doors

  • Crucial assessment criteria includes the number of people in the building at any time, the length of the rescue routes and the expectation of panic as occupants flee the building

Necessary Assets

  • Emergency exit push bars and panic bolts for doors on escape routes

  • Fire and smoke protection technology

  • Security against break-in features

  • Tested and proven deformation resistance of steel profiles under thermal loads

  • Integration of form and function into aesthetically pleasing designs

  • Experience, engineering and a dedication to excellence

  • Jansen delivers design harmony and expected performance in steel

Jansen has the assets: integrity, ingenuity, experience, manufacturing and a Swiss obsession for precision and quality.

Contact us early in the design process. Make our experience your experience.

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