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Let The Arte 2.0 Begin

Inspired by our beautiful Arte 2.0 door systems I wanted a one of a kind transom. One of my favorite paintings at The Brandywine Museum in Chester County, Pa is "The Last of the Mohicans"

N.C Wyeth painted this to illustrate the James Fenimore Cooper book by the same title.

We purchased the license for a one time use of the painting and assigned a commission to one of the great art glass studios that we have used before.

The glass is in process. Our agreement with the museum is to be faithful to the original painting. The art glass will be in a la grisaille style and we will reproduce faithfully to the original ;

The work will be divided into 4 panels, each 45” H x 34” W .

Here is a previous glass work by our magnificent glass artist;

Our vision seems to work well with an Arts & Crafts meme. This monumental work will be sold as a part of an entire steel window and door package.

If you have a concept for a special client, send us your thoughts and sketches.

The art glass is in process. The size is of the glass transoms are fixed but what is below is adaptable. IQ Radiant Heating glass is available for monumetal doors and of course the Corten Steel windows and door will be by Jansen.

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