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Natural Ventilation & Electric Heating Glass

Natural Ventilation Consists of Using Natural Forces to Drive Airflow Though a Space.

Electric Heated Architectural Glass
Electric Heated Glass

Using IQRG electric heated glass as a primary heat source in winter, assists in the goals to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, all while maximizing the thermal comfort for the occupants in the discreet space. (A primary attribute of IQRG is that it focuses on the occupants and surfaces in the individual zone range of the glass unit) Heating the air is unnecessary. A single room can have multiple heating zones based on the fenestration of the glass facade. The glass electric heated glass allows natural forces to drive air through a building: which lead, respectively, to two main natural ventilation strategies: cross ventilation and stack ventilation.

Under the guidance of Smart Building Machine Learning Systems, energy savings of over 50% are derived from the inherent efficiency of the electric heated glass, the energy savings in not moving air and the on-demand feature based on actual occupant usage.

Heat where you want it and free fresh air, reducing energy cost by 50%. Outstanding!

More information on Natural Ventilation

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