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IQ Radiant Glass Monumental Series - Jansen Steel Windows - Arte 2.0 - Bent Security Glass

Jansen Steel profile systems provide a greater resistance to wind loads, driving rain and less polite intrusions. Jansen designs and materials provide the sealing effect in the event of wind load and IQ Radiant Glass provides the thermal comfort in cold and frigid wind conditions.

Windows, doors and façades consisting of steel profile systems reliably withstand the pressure of the wind in the event of stormy weather. The wind load that can be expected depends on the location of the building, geographically and in relation to nearby buildings, as well as proximity to coastal areas.

IQ Radiant Heating Glass is available, bent, laminated, ballistic, insulated and various impact levels.

Logical Conclusion: Build safely using steel and live securely. Use IQ Radiant Glass for comfort and please contact us for details about your project specific requirements.

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